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Introducing: The Meca-RoboDK software package

In partnership with RoboDK, Mecademic is pleased to bring you the Meca-RoboDK software package.

Meca-RoboDK is a simulation and offline programming software that provides users of our Meca500 robots with a digital twin for easy, cost-effective simulations, and offline programming (OLP).

Meca-RoboDK benefits

Meca-RoboDK allows you to visualize your application intent before you build, output robot-specific code with ease, and directly control your Meca500 robotic arm. Whether you're working from home, developing a proof of concept, or conducting a feasibility study, the Meca-RoboDK can help you do more, remotely, and cost-effectively!


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Easily follow your simulation in real-time!

What's included

  • All Simulation and Offline Programming features
  • First-year of maintenance, provided by RoboDK
  • Robot machining (use any CAM software)
  • 3D printing (use any Slicer software)
  • Unlimited program generation
  • Multiple Mecademic robots can be simulated
  • Access to robot drivers
  • Support for turntable and linear rail
  • Synchronize up to 12 axes for manufacturing operations

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About RoboDK

RoboDK was founded in 2015 as a spin-off company from the CoRo laboratory at ETS University in Montreal, Canada. The CoRo lab is equipped with many industrial robots and focuses its activities on applied research, making it one of the most prestigious robotics laboratories in Canada.

*Compared to the version with access to full robot library