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About Mecademic Robotics

Mecademic is an award-winning robotics designer and manufacturer based in Montreal, Canada.

We make the world’s smallest, most precise, and easy-to-use industrial robotic arms.

Our customers have come to rely on us to automate precision tasks and delicate manipulations for the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, jewelry, and other industries. 

Our Philosophy 

For the longest time, industrial robots have been expensive to obtain, operate, and maintain. We want to change that!

At Mecademic, all our robots are:
  • Plug & work automation components that are quick and easy to integrate and operate --no programming skills needed;
  • Competitively priced with an even more attractive total cost of ownership (TCO);
  • Device and programming language-agnostic allowing them to be used with almost any device or scripting language;
  • Ultra-small with a tiny footprint providing flexibility and fit for tight spaces;
  • Energy-efficient expending on average as much as a laptop; 
  • Well-supported by our dedicated team of engineers. 

Our products are designed, manufactured, and assembled at our facility in Montreal, using the industry’s highest quality components.

To learn more about us, visit: https://www.mecademic.com/

About our blogs

Every day, our customers rely on our industrial robotic arms for assembly, dispensing, machine tending, micromanipulation, inspection & testing, pick & place tasks, as well as other automation applications. So can you!

Need inspiration?

Browse our growing collection of articles to see what's possible, and explore our case studies to learn how our products are being put to good use.


If your team is using one of our products, contact us here, to discuss featuring your application on our blog.


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